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Security and network professionals need access to the right data at the right time to meet the needs of a digital business

People are, and will always be, central to protecting and optimizing business operations

Workflow integration lets security and network teams improve collaboration, share data, and speed response

Advanced analytics across shared data can better uncover hidden patterns and detect anomalies

Actionable data lets you cut through the noise of false positives and lets you prioritize response

All traffic flows across the network making it the best place to identify and remediate security and network incidents

Leading indicators and early warning signs for many threats and attacks are first visible within network traffic, making collaboration an important factor for risk reduction

Since breaches are inevitable, organizations require easy access to historical forensic data and an efficient incident response process

Security and network teams require end-to-end visibility to provide a positive and secure end user experience

A shared data set with powerful reporting provides security and network teams fast access to the data they need

Operational efficiency goes up and cost goes down when security and network teams work from a shared platform

Protect the organization and reduce risk by verifying and proving that policies are aligned with regulatory compliance standards

Truly scalable solution lets you start small and grow large without adding complexity or losing data precision

Delivering a predictable and safe user experience requires real time visibility into every conversation and digital transaction

Network security across the LAN and Cloud

At Plixer, we have a fresh perspective

We believe that SecOps and NetOps provide value for each other, and that value should be accessible from a single place. When security and network teams access information from a shared platform, something unexpected happens. Hidden patterns emerge and anomalies stand out. Important insights become clear, leading to smarter decisions that make the organization safer and more efficient.

Plixer has created a powerful platform for analyzing, evaluating, and visualizing the millions of conversations that cross networks every second. When security and network teams access common data, they start speaking the same language helping the entire organization soar.

Value of a shared platform

Although security and network operations teams share the responsibility of delivering secure, positive user experiences, they often operate as independent silos—leveraging different workflows, communicating through trouble tickets, and purchasing duplicate technology. This has led to inefficient, manual, and costly processes that reduce business agility and increase risk. Forward-thinking organizations are looking to implement shared platforms that improve how their security and network teams share data and collaborate.

Benefits of a shared platform:

  • Reduce risk, improve efficiency, and lower cost
  • Eliminate data silos and improve collaboration through workflow integration
  • Enable security and network teams to see the same data and speak the same language
  • Apply advanced analytics to better uncover hidden patterns and detect anomalies


SecOps and NetOps collaboration benefits the business

Not only have SecOps and NetOps teams historically been separate, but they have often seen each other as impediments to getting their own jobs done. This antagonistic dynamic, however, is giving way to more and more SecOps and NetOps collaboration. Although their day-to-day activities are different, these two teams share a common goal: supporting a secure, highly available environment that fosters a positive user experience. Today, achieving that goal requires a collaborative approach and a tighter alignment of technology platforms.

How we help you

  • Security Operations

    Reduce organizational risk

    Network traffic analysis reduces risk by proactively monitoring for, and identifying, anomalous traffic generated by advanced security threats.

  • Network Operations

    Optimize business operations

    Historical visibility, fast reporting, and accurate forensics for every network conversation lets you consistently exceed user expectations.

  • CXO/Senior Leadership

    Maximize operational budgets

    A unified SecOps and NetOps platform reduces risk, lowers cost, improves efficiency and allows the team to speak the same language.

SecOps and NetOps collaboration solves the data silo problem

In the IT space, we are not new to challenges. Some might even say we welcome them and thrive in overcoming hurdles. Each department in our IT infrastructure faces their own unique challenges every day. Currently one of the biggest of those challenges is data silos and the problems they create for the SecOps and NetOps teams.