Has your existing flow investment fallen behind? Is your existing vendor asking you to pay exorbitant annual maintenance fees, falling way behind in crucial feature sets or neglecting customer service?

Perhaps the open source or free solution that your company started out with worked great initially, but is unable to keep up with the growing demands of your business. The work required to properly keep up with the adds, moves and changes with a free solution can often surpass in labor costs what it takes to maintain a leading edge commercial solution.

Scrutinizer Appliance

Did your company over spend on an "over promise, under deliver" solution from a large box company (Lancope-Stealthwatch, NetQoS, Riverbed-Cascade)? Are they not keeping up with the latest and greatest flow exports from companies such as Cisco and Citrix with Advanced Reporting options?

Plixer is a company laser-focused on flow analysis for threat detection as well as network and application traffic analysis in physical and virtual network infrastructures.

Before spending any more, contact Plixer and share with us the type of solution that would ideally meet your business needs. What is working with your current solution? What needs improvement? Let us tailor a flow solution that satisfies your unique environment.

If you want to learn more. Contact Us for further details.

  • "When I visited Plixer …. I was amazed at the passion they have behind NetFlow and IPFIX. The culture in their company is contagious. Now that I know what is going on behind the scenes and have had a chance to dig into Scrutinizer, It’s clear to me that this is a company that gets ‘it’ when it comes to flow technology. The threat detection capabilities in Scrutinizer are solid and proven."

    Adam Powers - CSO, Plixer (Formerly of Lancope)