Plixer Enterprise Platform Data Sheet

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Discover the immense value and capabilities of Plixer Enterprise Platform. This datasheet covers how Plixer harnesses your existing infrastructure to provide wide visibility with security and performance intelligence, revolutionizing your network monitoring efforts.

Inside, you’ll uncover the remarkable features of Plixer Enterprise Platform:

  • Unrivaled network visibility: Gain real-time, end-to-end visibility into your network traffic, empowering you to proactively identify and respond to threats, eliminate performance bottlenecks, and optimize network resources.
  • Advanced AI/ML analytics: Explore the powerful capabilities of our platform, including behavioral analysis, anomaly detection, and transparent and customizable machine learning. Leverage these features to detect and respond to threats swiftly and accurately.
  • Actionable insights: Transform raw network data into actionable insights for threat detection, investigation, and response. Reduce incident response times, enhance network performance, and bolster your security posture.

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