Plixer Core Platform Data Sheet

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Take control of your network with Plixer Core Platform. In this datasheet, learn how to harness your existing infrastructure to provide comprehensive network monitoring and security. Gain valuable insights into network and device behavior, optimize your IT environment, and ensure peak performance and security.

Inside, you’ll explore the exceptional features of Plixer Core Platform

  • Real-time network monitoring: Experience unparalleled visibility into your network traffic, monitoring every aspect of performance. From bandwidth utilization and application usage to user behavior and security threats, gain actionable insights when you need them most.
  • Advanced traffic analytics: Unleash the power of our advanced analytics engine to extract meaningful information from your network traffic. Leverage detailed flow analysis, application recognition, and behavior-based anomaly detection to uncover hidden patterns, detect security incidents, and optimize network resources.
  • Scalability and flexibility: Regardless of network size, Plixer Core Platform scales effortlessly to meet your evolving needs. Grow confidently, knowing you’ll receive the same level of powerful insights and analytics.

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