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Free monitoring, optimization, and security for 90 days

Plixer is here to help! Take advantage of our free 90 for 90 program so you can adapt to the new remote workforce paradigm and assure the performance and security of your business.

In response to the recent shift to work-from-home policies, you’ve had to rapidly scale VPN access and support a massive remote workforce. Because your network was not originally designed or optimized to support this work from home scenario, it is struggling to support the load, and putting stress on you and your team.

Plixer is here to help. We are offering a free 90 for 90 program for Plixer Scrutinizer.

This free program includes:

  • 90 days free access to Plixer Scrutinizer for up to 90 data exporters
  • An interactive pre-install readiness assessment with a Plixer Systems Engineer
  • 1 hour of professional services to properly install Plixer Scrutinizer
  • 1 hour of post-implementation consultation to review data and provide optimization recommendations.

At a time when you are struggling to support the changes and challenges introduced by a nearly 100% remote work force, Plixer Scrutinizer will allow you to visualize, monitor, and secure your network.

Plixer Scrutinizer gives you the ability to:

  • Measure bandwidth utilization for all VPN traffic by user and application
  • Eliminate disruptive applications consuming critical bandwidth
  • Monitor user experience through application performance metrics
  • Monitor VPN traffic for security breaches 

Submit your information to participate in our 90 for 90 program. A Plixer Systems Engineer will reach out to assist you.

Measure bandwidth utilization for VPN traffic

Monitor application performance and usage across the VPN

Applying advanced security algorithms to monitor remote user traffic

5 critical steps for quickly and safely scaling VPN remote access

While many applications like Office 365 do away with the need for a VPN, they do not negate the need to connect to a private network to get work done. In the event of a health or natural disaster, a VPN infrastructure can be a way of disaster recovery (DR) for the entire organization. Many businesses recognize that their networks were not designed for a sudden shift to a 100% remote workforce. There are challenges to overcome in order to transition from a centralized workforce to a decentralized one.