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Plixer Risk Intelligence

Plixer Risk Intelligence add-on for Plixer Beacon helps you easily evaluate endpoint risks, isolate vulnerable devices, and mitigate threats. The product assesses endpoint risk in real-time, providing a collective risk score for the entire network and individual scores for specific endpoints.

Plixer Risk Intelligence adds a summary endpoint risk score widget to the Plixer Beacon dashboard to help you easily gauge the cumulative risk posed by all the endpoints in your network. Risks are broken out into distinct categories and you can drill down on individual categories to get detailed information and identify high-risk endpoints.

Download Plixer Risk Intelligence Brochure

Plixer benefits

  • At-a-glance risk assessment

    Gauge your enterprise’s overall endpoint risk with a concise, aggregated score. Plixer Risk Intelligence calculates a summary risk score and breaks out vulnerabilities into four distinct categories: operating-system-related risks, device-related risks (profile identity), communications-related risks, and risks identified by external endpoint management/security solutions (integration).

  • Detailed endpoint information

    Drill down in each category to identify high-risk endpoints and get detailed configuration and operating environment information for each device. Plixer Risk Intelligence provides an individual risk score for each endpoint by examining all four risk categories.

  • Custom scoring algorithms

    Evaluate and quantify risk on your own terms. You can customize the way Plixer Risk Intelligence calculates risk scores by assigning a unique weight to each risk category. A graphical user interface makes it easy to adjust the scoring formula.

  • Integration with external data sources

    Incorporate risk management data from external sources like patch management tools, vulnerability scanning platforms, and antivirus solutions. Map external alarms and event data to Plixer risk scores using a built-in rules editor. Improve visibility and make the most of your technology investments.

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