Plixer Core Platform

Wide visibility with security and performance analytics, the foundation for network observability.

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See the network traffic needed to solve performance and security issues

Collect, visualize, analyze and report on data from every network conversation and digital transaction

Your network is your business. When a security or performance issue arises, the network is your source of truth. Harness its infrastructure to gain security and performance insight to protect and enable your business.



Reduce security risks​

As a security professional, risk reduction is job #1. Decades of point security products, purchased in the name of prevention, have failed us. Breaches are inevitable. Today, the greatest risk reduction comes from a focus on forensic data and improving time-to-resolution after a breach occurs.


Support faster time-to-resolution

Faster time-to-resolution is accomplished through a faster time-to-know. Remediation can only occur after root cause has been established—and rich contextual data is the enabler. Telemetry data, centrally gathered from across your entire network infrastructure, enables faster time-to-know and time-to-resolution.


Deliver contextual forensics

Access to high volumes of disparate data does not lead to faster response. In fact, it can have the opposite effect. The best context and response comes from the correlation of network-related data with metadata from firewalls, IPS, SIEM, and distributed probes, all stitched together into a single database.

Endpoint discovery and risk scoring

With agentless device discovery, you can uncover shadow IT, automate asset management, and learn about risky devices, and more. Within a few clicks, you can assess and prioritize endpoint management with confidence.



Enrich data context of network traffic

Better context is achieved by correlating traffic flows and metadata, collected from all corners of the network, into a single database. Rapid filtering and reporting from this rich data deliver deep insight to answer the questions: who, what, where, when, why, and how.

Increase efficiency and reduce cost

The industry’s fastest and most accurate reporting delivers the data you need when you need it most. When users complain, but your SNMP tool’s lights are all green, what do you do? You turn to Scrutinizer to protect customer satisfaction, productivity, and revenue.


Monitor network and application performance

Network/application optimization and root cause analysis require true end-to-end visibility. Plixer Core Platform delivers by collecting, visualizing, and reporting on data that extends all the way from the user to the cloud. It also provides real-time detection of DDoS attacks, minimizing disruption and loss of revenue.

Achieve fast reporting and massive scale

Plixer’s hierarchical design with streamlined and efficient data collection allows you to start small and easily scale to multi-millions of flows per second. Although the network is always blamed, fast and accurate reporting allows the network team to identify root cause and deliver results.

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Flexible deployment

Easy and flexible deployments for on-prem, cloud, or hybrid environments.

Fast results

Leverage your existing infrastructure to gain critical intelligence upon deployment. 

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Scale without limits

Expand your IT environment and digital growth without fear of visibility gaps.  

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Seamless integration

Build a best of breed security framework through integrations with your existing tools. 


NetFlow Myths Debunked

Many people still underestimate the power of network flow data. Not only is it more scalable and easier to deploy, it is also a broad and rich data set for detecting sophisticated threats from on-prem to cloud.

Discover the truth of NetFlow’s power in solving securing incidents and its usefulness in threat detection.


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Enriching network flow data with endpoint, application, and user intelligence allows you to see your entire IT infrastructure. Advanced AI/ML gives you the context necessary to spot and stop problems fast.

Learn how you an detect sophisticated threats, whether it’s malware, ransomware, insider threats, and more.