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Plixer’s Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics Platform

Digitalization, automation, the Internet of Things (IoT), hybrid- and multi-cloud environments, and more are creating massive changes in today’s enterprise networks. Plixer’s NPMD platform helps teams monitor network and application performance at the perimeter and interior, while also detecting abnormalities that impact network performance, scalability, and availability. 

Businesses today are undergoing major changes that affect network monitoring and management activities. Changing technology—SD-WAN, IoT devices, cloud-native applications, hybrid- and multi-cloud environments, etc.—has contributed to increasingly complex and diverse network topologies. Stable, predictable corporate network traffic patterns have been upended by work-from-home requirements and migration of corporate workloads from on-premises to cloud. And the pace of change has created a skill gap and a talent shortage for network teams. All of this contributes to challenges in network troubleshooting and root cause determination, leading to longer network downtimes.  

At the same time, business continuity through network performance has never been more critical. From policy enforcement to compliance, keeping your network running properly is mission-critical. Plixer’s NPMD platform gives IT teams the contextualized visibility and tools needed to validate network and policy configurations. NetOps teams get alerted of issues as they occur on the network so teams can investigate and respond before business operations can be disrupted.   

Plixer benefits

  • Device discovery

    Track assets scattered across your entire enterprise. Gather a complete and accurate view of all network endpoints, including managed and unmanaged devices, and authorized and unauthorized devices. Understand what types of devices are on your network, device locations, and behavior in real-time. Validate enterprise software license agreements and ensure contract compliance and audit readiness. 

  • Device profiling

    The Plixer NPMD platform collects and analyzes contextual data from a wide variety of sources, including DNS, DHCP, SNMP polling, SNMP traps, NetFlow/J-Flow/sFlow, Active Directory, RADIUS Accounting, and port mirroring. It then categorizes devices using thousands of predefined device profiles, reducing dependence upon manually intensive, time-consuming processes, which then frees staff to focus on core business tasks.  

  • Risk assessment

    Gauge your enterprise’s overall endpoint risk with a concise, aggregated score. The Plixer NPMD platform calculates a summary risk score and breaks out vulnerabilities into four distinct categories: operating-system-related risks, device-related risks (profile identity), communications-related risks, and risks identified by external endpoint management/security solutions (integration). 

  • Application performance monitoring

    Network and application optimizations and root cause analysis require true end-to-end visibility. The Plixer NPMD platform monitors application performance by collecting, visualizing, and reporting on data that extends all the way from the user to the cloud. It also provides real-time detection of DDoS attacks, minimizing disruption and loss of revenue. 

  • Contextual data to identify root cause

    Through visualization of every conversation from Layers 2-7, the Plixer NPMD platform then correlates network-related data with metadata collected from firewalls, IDS/IPS, SIEM, and distributed probes. Better context is achieved by correlating traffic flows and the metadata collected from all corners of the network into a single database. You can then instantly identify the user, device, location, protocol, and application data for every flow on the network, making it easy to pinpoint the root cause of any issue. 

  • Faster time-to-resolution

    Rapid root cause analysis of issues causing poor user experience requires a combination of end-to-end visibility and easy-to-read reports on important data elements. Fast problem resolution requires you to easily correlate a user’s traffic with jitter, latency, and QoS misconfigurations, as well as network, server, and application response times. 

Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics: A Technical Whitepaper

Your network infrastructure is the backbone of the business, making it the most critical and strategic asset. This whitepaper covers how Plixer’s NPMD platform monitor network and application performance at the perimeter and interior, while also detecting abnormalities that impact network performance, scalability, and availability. 

Want to see the Plixer NPMD platform in action? Book a demo with one of our expert engineers.