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The Plixer Network Detection and Response Platform

Security teams need to know about threats as soon as they arrive on the network. Plixer’s network detection and response (NDR) platform identifies suspicious network behavior and gives security teams the historical data needed to investigate and respond to threats before they have a chance to cause business disruption.  

Despite an abundance of advanced security tools, enterprises still face the constant threat of compromise. In fact, that very abundance of tools has contributed to the problem, inundating operational teams with alerts, each unaware of the network outside of their specialized purview. Distributed networks and hybrid cloud environments increase an enterprise’s attack surface, leaving blind spots across an ever-increasing portion of the network. The challenge facing enterprises today is maintaining a comprehensive security posture without drowning in data and alerts.  

And once a network is compromised, it can take weeks or months before it’s discovered. That delay gives attackers plenty of time to explore your network, looking for the most important assets. By the time you realize you’ve been compromised, it’s often too late. Which makes it critical to be able to quickly switch from detection to investigation, with the historical context necessary to understand the full scope of the incident.  

Plixer’s NDR platform uses non-signature-based techniques to detect suspicious traffic on enterprise networks. In addition to monitoring north/south traffic that crosses the enterprise perimeter, the Plixer NDR platform monitors east/west communications to provide complete network visibility and detection of attackers as they move laterally within the network.  

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According to Gartner®, “To help protect the organization from ransomware, security and risk management leaders need to look beyond just the endpoints.” Gartner recommends enterprises implement “behavioral-anomaly-based detection technologies to identify ransomware attacks.” 

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Plixer benefits

  • Pervasive network visibility

    Enterprise network infrastructure is a storehouse of rich network flow data that provides insight into every conversation in the network. Plixer’s NDR platforms ingest network flow data from your existing infrastructure – switches, routers, firewalls, packet brokers, security tools, network monitoring systems, and more—and analyze and monitor the data to detect anomalous behavior and potential threats 

  • Intelligent threat detection

    By correlating anomalies and alerts across disparate network components, Plixer’s NDR platform gives you contextualized behavior analysis, prioritizing the most relevant alerts to accelerate investigation and targeted response within your existing workflow. With advanced machine learning capabilities, you’ll spot abnormal behavior before it becomes a problem.

  • Simple deployment model

    Because Plixer’s NDR platform taps into your existing network monitoring and security infrastructure, there’s no collection equipment to deploy. This means there’s no upfront investment or recurring hardware to replace, no lengthy deployment or upgrade project to manage, and no need to prioritize portions of your network over others. Instead, you get near-instant visibility across your entire network.  

  • Historical forensics

    Many threats enter the network undetected and sit dormant until called upon. By harnessing network flow data, which is both rich in information and easily storable, security teams can access network behavior data from months prior to investigate the root cause of a network compromise. As threats become more sophisticated, granular data will become more necessary for investigation and response. 

  • Enhanced productivity with incident response

    By combing through massive datasets with ML to see patterns that humans can’t and applying additional AI logic to dynamically eliminate alarms that can be explained, Plixers NDR platform provides efficiency for security teams. These advanced capabilities elevate true vs false positives and provide the contextual information needed to resolve the problem quickly. 

  • Leverages existing toolkit

    By providing bi-directional integration with SIEM and SOAR solutions, such as Splunk and ServiceNow, SecOps can streamline their security automation and incident response. In addition, SecOps can share the “collected” network and end-device-related data that is associated with any incident. This provides context into why the ticket was opened and eliminates the need to duplicate investigative efforts. 

Plixer vs Cisco Stealthwatch

While Cisco Secure Network Analytics and Cisco Secure Cloud Analytics (fka Stealthwatch) appear to offer the same benefits as Plixer’s NDR platform, the reality is Plixer gives you the same level of threat detection as Cisco but in a package that’s easier to manage, deploy, and scale.

Want to see the Plixer NDR platform in action? Book a demo with one of our expert engineers.

Network Detection and Response: A Technical Whitepaper

Without pervasive network visibility, threats could be hiding in corners of your network for months before you find them. This whitepaper covers the features of a network detection and response (NDR) solution and how the Plixer NDR platform helps you detect threats and secure your network.