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Matthew St. Jean
Plixer International, Inc.
[email protected]

Sanford, Maine — Dec 20, 2011 — Plixer International, Inc., a leading provider of NetFlow-based network traffic reporting, today announced its top three 2012 predictions for leveraging NetFlow and IPFIX to monitor corporate network traffic. Company foresees smarter network devices,

Top Three 2012 NetFlow and IPFIX-Related Predictions:

1. Application-Aware NetFlow and IPFIX Hardware Catches On
Hardware providers will release networking devices that more accurately follow deep packet analysis performance and actually become application-aware, releasing details exported in NetFlow or IPFIX. Case-in-point: Cisco’s Network Based Application Recognition (NBAR) allows its hardware devices to monitor packet stream behaviors and identify applications such as Skype, BitTorrent, Facebook, iTunes, Webex and more.

2. BYOD Spells “Trouble”
The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) to work trend will accelerate in 2012 as consumer prices continue to drop on smartphones, tablets and digital book readers. Employees will be connecting these devices to networks and unknowingly, infecting the corporation by opening up thousands of applications infected with malware.

3. Internal Corporate Network Threats Will Grow
Due in part to the enormous amount of employees bringing corporate-provided laptops home for work and personal use, the corporate network will be increasingly exposed to malware. Once malware finds its way onto the network — with no firewalls to slow it down — its infectious mission is easily propagated to other network devices as well as corrupting additional connected laptops.

“In 2012, lower cost and more powerful, smartphones, tablets and readers will seek to ride the corporate network and consume more bandwidth than ever for personal entertainment,” explains Scrutinizer Product Manager, Michael Patterson, at Plixer International. “Faced with the proposition of either upgrading the IT infrastructure to handle higher network traffic or adopting techniques to delineate work data from employees’ personal data use, corporations will adopt new network traffic analysis techniques and company policies to define personal data and take back limited Internet bandwidth.”

Download a free trial of Plixer’s Scrutinizer for NetFlow traffic analysis or schedule a live demo by calling: (207) 324-8805 or via email at [email protected] For more NetFlow insight, follow Plixer International on their Blog, Twitter, Facebook or join NetFlow Developments Group on LinkedIn.

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About Plixer International, Inc.

Plixer International, Inc. develops and markets network traffic monitoring and analysis tools to the global market. All of the tools are built from the ground up with valuable feature sets and ease of use in mind. Plixer tools have been used to analyze and troubleshoot irregular traffic patterns by IT professionals with some of the largest networks in the world, such as CNN, The Coca-Cola Company, Lockheed Martin, IBM, Regal Cinemas, Raytheon, and Eddie Bauer.

For product and sales information, contact Plixer International, Inc. at 1 Eagle Drive, Sanford, Maine, via telephone (207) 324-8805, fax (207) 324-8683; or visit the Plixer website.

Published in Press Releases 2011