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Scrutinizer NetFlow & sFlow Analyzer Version 7.0 Is Now Available For Public Download, With Added Support For Flow Analytics.

Jon Mills

Sanford, ME — Aug 25, 2009 — Plixer International Inc. today announces the release of Scrutinizer NetFlow & sFlow Analyzer version 7.0. This new version makes Scrutinizer completely free and includes several new features, interface enhancements and improved performance.

Scrutinizer Free features include:

Several new detailed reports that are unique to Scrutinizer
Ability to drill in and get the raw flows without any aggregation
Improved Custom Reports allow you to filter in on exactly the information you need. They can be saved and run again later.
Ranges of ports, applications and IP addresses (class A subnets)
ToS or DSCP values
Autonomous Systems
TCP Flags
Multiple interfaces from different routers/switches
Set thresholds with Flow Analytics
Permissions can be applied as well
Etc. etc.

Provides 24 hours worth of data in Scrutinizer or years of data with Flow Analytics.
Multiple languages supported (e.g. Korean, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, etc.) and easily localized to other languages.
Exclude transport layer protocol types per router, interface or even globally across all routers / switches. Useful for excluding VPN traffic which Cisco routers sometimes double export in NetFlow.
Network maps in flash or Google with clickable links that change color based on utilization.
Customizable login environment for each account.

Fast reporting – even with routers sending an enormous amount of flows.
The best archiving in the industry: all the records, all the flows, all the time. 100% of all flow data capture and archived as configured. Forever is configurable at any granularity level.
IP Grouping support and subnet trends.
IPv6 Support
Flexible NetFlow, NBAR and NSEL (NetFlow Security Event Logs) with access to the NetFlow templates
Applications defined by combination of ports and IP addresses.
All reports can be emailed on demand or scheduled for regular time intervals.
LDAP and active directory support for logins.
Extensive flexibility for VoIP reports. For example DSCP values as they came in and left the router
CSV and RSS output of all reports
DNS resolution on the fly. Constantly with the Flow Analytics module.
Commercial Features

Central Interface offers a distributed solution that scales to enterprise level networks

Service Provider Module:
Set permissions per interface per login
Set permissions per router/switch per login
Customizable bandwidth monitoring for invoicing over usage

Flow Analytics:
Saves unlimited amounts of past data even raw flows for as long as necessary, Years!
Algorithms perform Network Behavior Analysis on all flows across all routers / switches
Top (applications, hosts, flows, countries, domains, etc.) across all routers / switches
Constantly resolving all IP addresses
Use saved Scrutinizer Reports to monitor for threshold violations
Scrutinizer, an industry leading tool for network traffic monitoring, specializes in analyzing Cisco NetFlow data and providing IT professionals with comprehensive and easy to read usage reports. The added visibility into network traffic patterns allows administrators to better allocate network resources and plan company internet usage guidelines.

In the latest version of Scrutinizer, improved integration with the Flow Analytics add-on lets Scrutinizer watch for potentially hazardous behavior. This is done by running the collected NetFlow through a series of algorithms that determine if the traffic is following normal behavior patterns. Network hosts exhibiting suspicious or inappropriate behavior can trigger alerts.

Visit for more information on what is new in Scrutinizer version 7.0.0.

Scrutinizer System Requirements:

System requirements can vary depending on specific product implementations. Operating platforms include Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008.

Scrutinizer is a free network traffic analysis product that stores data until midnight of each night. For more commercial features and historical data storage, take a look at Flow Analytics.

The Scrutinizer Flow Analytics add-on module, which includes archived data, starts at $995 for 2 routers and ranges up to $8,995 for unlimited routers.

For more information on Scrutinizer product pricing visit the Plixer Purchase Options page.

Contact Plixer pre-sales support for an evaluation of Scrutinizer NetFlow & sFlow Analyzer and Scrutinizer Flow Analytics.

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About Plixer International, Inc.

Plixer International, Inc. develops and markets network traffic monitoring and analysis tools to the global market. All of the tools are built from the ground up with valuable feature sets and ease of use in mind. Plixer tools have been used to analyze and troubleshoot irregular traffic patterns by IT professionals with some of the largest networks in the world, such as CNN, The Coca-Cola Company, Lockheed Martin, IBM, Regal Cinemas, Raytheon, and Eddie Bauer.

For product and sales information, contact Plixer International, Inc. at 1 Eagle Drive, Sanford, Maine, via telephone (207) 324-8805, fax (207) 324-8683; or visit the Plixer website.

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