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Learn why you’re missing vital details from your legacy performance monitoring tools.
Kennebunk, ME (December 03, 2015) — Plixer International, a leading network incident response and security analytics company, announced today that Cofounder Michael Patterson will be presenting an upcoming webcast. The webcast “Outgrown Existing Application Performance Monitoring Tools” is scheduled for Thursday, November 10, 2015 at 2PM EST.

  • Why legacy flow collection solutions aren’t meeting todays IT demands. Find out what you aren’t seeing
  • What makes a great network incident response system for investigating cyber-attacks and application performance issues
  • What does the term “network as a sensor mean” and what is the future of SNMP and packet capture solutions
  • How to gain the right context. Integration with Cisco ISE, Microsoft Active directory and Splunk
  • Overcoming scalability issues : Dealing with massive volumes of flow data
  • The future of NetFlow and IPFIX and where they are today : what is become popular to export

“Legacy all-in-one solutions that claim support for NetFlow with an add-on module are falling short. They don’t deliver on the true value of NetFlow and IPFIX.” says Michael Patterson, CEO of Plixer “This webcast provides several clear examples on why a best of breed flow collection system provides considerably more insight into cyber threats and application performance issues.”
To sign up for the webcast, visit:

About Plixer

Plixer International, Inc. is a leading threat detection and flow forensics provider focused at engineering the incident response system for uncovering unwanted communication behaviors. Rather than depending on packet signatures, their strategy uncovers unwanted communications by leveraging NetFlow, IPFIX, sFlow and other derivatives. The company was built by network and system engineers who understand the need for scalable distributed collection solutions that meet the dynamic demands of security and network professionals. Customers include Walmart, CNN, Xerox, Lockheed Martin, IBM, AT&T, Raytheon, and Xerox. To learn more, please visit


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