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Adding To Their Line Of Netflow Trending And Analysis Software, Plixer Has Released A New Application For Generating Artificial NetFlow Packets For Testing Software And Hardware.

Jon Mills

Sanford, ME — Nov 10, 2009 — Plixer International, the makers of an industry leading NetFlow analysis tool called Scrutinizer, has announced the release of a new software application called Flowalyzer.

Flowalyzer is a completely free application that runs on the Windows platform and creates artificial NetFlow data streams. These NetFlow data streams, which can be formatted as NetFlow version 5 or NetFlow version 9, can be used to determine the health and reliability of the NetFlow collector being used. Flowalyzer NetFlow Generator aids network administrators in configuring their NetFlow sending hardware, as well as the packet collector on the other end.

“Flowalyzer is a tool set for network engineers that makes it a simple process to determine whether your NetFlow collector is accepting flows or even dropping data,” says Michael Patterson, Product Manager for Scrutinizer NetFlow & sFlow Analyzer.

“This is a tool that came out of our development team by necessity. Reliable and highly configurable NetFlow generators for precision software development did not exist. We needed a tool to verify that Scrutinizer was processing data with the highest degree of accuracy. Flowalyzer allowed us to configure exactly what to send so that we could forecast precisely what was expected. We then added the other tabs to make it useful for customers.”

Flowalyzer eliminates the guess work. Simply comparing the traffic sent from Flowalyzer to the traffic received by the NetFlow collector can determine if data is being dropped and if so, how much. Especially, when utilizing more advanced NetFlow traffic analysis techniques, like Network Behavior Analysis, it is important that the NetFlow collector is providing the NetFlow analyzer with all of the data, not just some of it. Flowalyzer determines if all of the records are being delivered.

Pricing and availability
Flowalyzer NetFlow Generator is a completely free NetFlow testing tool kit, which also includes a NetFlow Listener, a NetFlow Configurator and a network communicator. Flowalyzer is available for download now.

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About Plixer International, Inc.

Plixer International, Inc. develops and markets network traffic monitoring and analysis tools to the global market. All of the tools are built from the ground up with valuable feature sets and ease of use in mind. Plixer tools have been used to analyze and troubleshoot irregular traffic patterns by IT professionals with some of the largest networks in the world, such as CNN, The Coca-Cola Company, Lockheed Martin, IBM, Regal Cinemas, Raytheon, and Eddie Bauer.

For product and sales information, contact Plixer International, Inc. at 1 Eagle Drive, Sanford, Maine, via telephone (207) 324-8805, fax (207) 324-8683; or visit the Plixer website.