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Plixer presents Net LineDancer as an add-on to Scrutinizer

KENNEBUNK, ME – April 14, 2015 – Plixer International, a leading network incident response, and flow forensics company, announced today that they will be providing a webcast on the value of Cisco Configuration Change Management.
Net LineDancer (netLD) was designed to help network engineers manage and change the configurations of a growing number of network devices (routers, switches, firewalls, etc.). The netLD system provides hardware inventory reports, configuration change history, line-by-line comparisons, automated changes and real-time change detection. The Net LineDancer architecture scales to meet the configuration management needs in environments where thousands of devices are under management.
Beyond how Net LineDancer integrates with Scrutinizer, topics covered in the webcast include:

Configuration Management

  • Scheduled Network and Real-Time Backups
  • Historical Configuration Comparison and Restore
  • Change Reports

Change Management

  • Standardized Change Tools like Password Change and VLAN assignment.
  • Scheduled and On-demand Changes
  • Cisco Plug and Play* Provisioning

Inventory Management

  • Hardware Inventory
    • Chassis, Slot, Card, and Power Supply information
    • Serial Numbers, FRU Part Numbers, Revision Numbers
  • Device OS Upgrade
    • OSPF, BGP, EIGRP, CDP, and NDP Routing Information
    • ARP, MAC Address, IP Address information

“The collection, reporting and analysis of NetFlow, IPFIX, and derivative flow technologies is all we do. It is all we want to do, and we strive to be the very best at it.” Michael Patterson, CEO – Plixer “Net LineDancer provides tremendous additional value to our Scrutinizer customer base. Partnering with LogicVein allows our customers to gain more value when our solutions are combined. Most companies with 5 or more devices to manage will clearly see the value of Net LineDancer.”
Both companies will be at CiscoLive 2015 in San Diego this June. Plixer is in booth 1501 and LogicVein is in booth 1428.

To sign up for the April 30, 2015 at 1PM EDT webcast, visit:

About Plixer

Plixer International, Inc. is a leading threat detection and flow forensics provider focused at engineering the incident response system for uncovering unwanted communication behaviors. Rather than depending on packet signatures, their strategy uncovers unwanted communications by leveraging NetFlow, IPFIX, sFlow and other derivatives. The company was built by network and system engineers who understand the need for scalable distributed collection solutions that meet the dynamic demands of security and network professionals. Customers include CNN, The Coca-Cola Company, Lockheed Martin, IBM, Regal Cinemas, Raytheon, and Eddie Bauer. To learn more, please visit

About LogicVein

LogicVein, the developers of Net LineDancer, has been focused on the network management domain for over a decade. Configuring and managing network devices is an error prone, manual process. Net LineDancer removes the fear that human errors will be introduced when configuring a few dozen or even over a thousand routers. It removes error-prone device configuration tasks. To learn more, please visit


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