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Plixer vs Stealthwatch

How does Plixer stack up against Cisco’s NDR solutions?

Learn how Plixer gives a level of Deep Network Observability and early threat detection not achievable with Cisco Stealthwatch.

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Plixer and SOAR Integration

Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) is a vital tool for modern-day networking environments, and its usage is becoming increasingly common. SOAR platforms enable organizations to streamline their security operations by automating repetitive tasks, integrating disparate security technologies, and enabling rapid response to security incidents. By leveraging the Plixer platform’s

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Capacity Planning Made Easy Webinar

Capacity planning is important work. Being able to predict or quickly identify network bottlenecks can boost your user experience and optimize your infrastructure spend. A business gets immense value from being able to efficiently and effectively plan for network changes.   Gathering network data and making sense of it, though, has

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Plixer vs Stealthwatch Webinar

The big cybersecurity vendors like Cisco are letting you down. Don’t settle for an expensive disappointment. Plixer gives you Deep Network Observability—wide visibility, intelligent threat detection, and long-term data storage for better root-cause investigations. All in an easy-to-use simple to deploy platform. Gain more knowledge from your network—with analysis and

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Critical context: how Plixer enriches network flow data

Network observability starts with complete visibility of network activity and context necessary to act decisively and efficiently.   By harnessing network flow data (NetFlow, IPFIX, sFlow, etc.), you get a low-impact solution for gaining wide visibility. When you add in data from endpoints, applications, services, and cloud workflows you enrich

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Plixer FlowPro Data Sheet

Complete visibility of network traffic is key to managing your network, protecting your assets, and investigating security incidents. While Scrutinizer collects network traffic data directly from a wide variety of infrastructure devices, there are many situations where Plixer FlowPro can be deployed to deliver additional, valuable network and security insights.

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