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CXO and senior leadership

Security management

Your priority is to keep the organization safe in an environment where skilled staff is hard to find, the vendor landscape is complex, and the sophistication of attacks is growing.

  • Compliance assurance

    Regulatory oversight, industry compliance standards, and best practices all require the definition and implementation of policies and controls to protect information and systems. Scrutinizer allows companies to provide demonstrable evidence of IT compliance with internal governance policies, external regulations, and industry best practices.

  • Advanced security analytics

    IoT, BYOD, and the explosion of virtual machines have all created an unmanageable threat surface. Monitoring for anomalous activity and device behavior—including DDoS attacks—with network traffic analytics is the most effective indicator of compromise. Advanced analytics with proactive thresholds, alerting, and open RESTful APIs enable rapid and dynamic event response.

  • Proactive threat hunting

    Threat hunting is not about chasing alarms and events; it’s about proactively uncovering problems while everything appears normal. To accomplish this, a threat hunter requires access to centralized network traffic metadata. They must have the ability to easily navigate and contextualize that information to understand the bigger picture and uncover the unknown.

  • Visibility from LAN to cloud

    Securing information across the entire application lifecycle requires a cross-functional effort that includes network, security, application, server, and cloud teams. Although each team has unique roles and responsibilities, they must orchestrate their efforts and provide each other with visibility from the end user all the way to the public cloud.

Our products

  • Scrutinizer

    Scrutinizer, Plixer’s network traffic analysis system, collects, analyzes, visualizes, and reports on data from every network conversation and digital transaction to deliver security and network intelligence. It provides the insight and historical data needed to manage and optimize business operations while reducing risk by detecting and remediating incidents.

  • FlowPro

    FlowPro probes support application performance management as well as defender capabilities for monitoring DNS traffic. From a single probe, network operations can efficiently manage and optimize the network, while security operations is able to simultaneously lower risk, gain data context, and respond quickly to security incidents.

  • Replicator

    Replicator aggregates, replicates, and distributes flow and log metadata exported from the existing network across multiple monitoring tools like SIEM, syslog and flow collectors. This improves the value of the data while dramatically simplifying adds, moves, and changes and protecting the CPU of exporting switches, routers, firewalls, etc.