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What to Do Now That Millennials Are Playing Pokemon Go Instead of Working


There's been a big shift with Pokemon Go. According to one recent report, 40% of the people who play the game are 25 or older. Another report said 78% are over 17 (or well within working age).


Pokemon GO Hit By Possible DDoS Attack

TechWeek Europe

A hacking group called PoodleCorp has claimed responsibility for the massive Pokemon Go outages over the weekend.


IHS Markit says video doorbell use is on the rise, but are they safe?

SC Magazine

Following on from a mammoth US$ 13 billion (£9.9 billion) all-share merger of IHS and Markit, the company has released new research which is reporting that the growth of video doorbells is currently vastly outpacing conventional video door phones.


Cisco FireSIGHT Reporting

Telecom Reseller

Our development team recently setout to support Cisco FireSIGHT reporting on the Cisco ASA. In the past, most of our reporting as been done by ingesting NetFlow and IPFIX. Working with FireSIGHT however required that we familiarize ourselves with something called eStreamer.


Plixer Keeps Cisco Users Ahead of Network Threats

Telecom Reseller

Leveraging NetFlow, IPFIX, sFlow, and other derivatives, Plixer offers insight into unwanted communication behaviors, giving managers insight into their network. In this podcast, Thomas Pore and Mike Patterson discuss how Plixer meets the needs of Cisco users and their experiences at Cisco Live this year. We learn the importance of contextual information. The podcast also give us a brief overview of Scrutinizer which forms the basis of Plixer incident response and behavior analysis architecture. Plixer’s approach is real time. We also learn about what has become a Plixer at Cisco Live tradition, the for-fun sword give away, that also comes complete with a short educational session.


U.S. Has Most Internet Connected Industrial Control Systems

Security Week

Over the past few years, industrial control systems (ICS) components have proven to be increasingly vulnerable and more frequently accessible from the Internet, which significantly amplifies the risk they are exposed to, Kaspersky Lab researchers warn.


ICS Components Are Increasingly Vulnerable and Web Accessible: Report

ICS Cyber Security Conference

Over the past few years, industrial control systems (ICS) components have proven to be increasingly vulnerable and more frequently accessible from the Internet, which significantly amplifies the risk they are exposed to, Kaspersky Lab researchers warn.


If you downloaded Game of Thrones illegally beware of this phishing scam

International Business Times

A phishing scam has been uncovered that impersonates rightsholders like HBO and Warner Bros and sends fake copyright infringement notices and settlement demands to internet service providers (ISPs) in the UK, US and Australia.


The reality of IT security

Ars Technica

A writer for Ars Technica asked vendors at Infosecurity Europe 2016, including Plixer, how many of the threats they claim to protect against actually get through? It's a good question that's tough to answer.


Packet Capture Becoming Less Effective Against NetFlow / IPFIX

Telecom Reseller

We recently built out a whole bunch of reports for the Cisco AnyConnect Network Visibility flow export called nvzFlow. As we poured through the flow templates, we started to appreciate and even agree with Cisco Systems on how disruptive this technology will be for the packet capture and network traffic visibility community.


Phishing Attack Training


If you are being repeatedly targeted by a phishing attack, chances are you will eventually click. And if you end up infected, often times your computer will show no obvious signs of the virus or bot. What can you do?


Cisco nvzFlow Reporting


There has been lots of excitement this week at our company since the release of Cisco’s nvzFlow. Companies which utilize the Cisco ASA for VPN access have the option to upgrade to AnyConnect 4.2. With this latest release admins can configure remote users to export IPFIX right from their laptops to the flow collector for real time and future analysis.


Splunk NetFlow Reporting

Telecom Reseller

When looking to setup Splunk NetFlow reporting or integration, we have learned that several items need to be considered. The first of which is to list the objectives and goals sought after from a Splunk NetFlow Integration setup.


Traffic Visibility Improves Security Analytics


Almost every day the security team needs to investigate a potential threat and the likely hood of chasing another false positive is considerable. How can they decrease false positives and shorten the investigation time? Due to the volume of alarms to investigate, the Mean Time To Response (MTTR) on each occurrence is a metric that often falls under scrutiny. Less time is better and the best way to ease the burden is to improve the context surrounding an event. This means the right details related to whatever is being investigated.


How to Scale Network Incident Response

Telecom Reseller

Infections have become so common that every company on the Internet has some level of experience with following up on an infection or potential data breach. Security professionals know that with almost every piece of malware discovered, security needs to investigate the incident. Where do they look?


Phishing attack education game released by Plixer

The issues caused by careless clicking has been so severe that many companies are instituting routine programs that constantly test employees. In an attempt to educate the general population on the dangers of clicking on things too fast when receiving emails, Plixer has developed a free game called Click Click Phish.


Splunk NetFlow Support: Vendor Comparison


You are in luck because you have several options to get Splunk NetFlow support. I know of three; however, there are probably more. This post will list them all and discuss the benefits of each.


Software Defined Network: 8 BIG Benefits


Are you looking to get up to speed on the benefits of a Software Defined Network? This post will save you some time by providing 8 areas where SDNs promise to deliver. It will also provide you with a few links where you can learn even more about the technology.


Incident Response System: Cyber Attack Steps

Telecom Reseller

Being prepared for a cybercrime and having an incident response system or plan in place means that you subscribe to the notion that “Keeping the bad guys out is a losing proposition” - Brian Krebs. I couldn’t agree more, but what more can you do to make sure that your plans for taking action bring the best outcome, given that no outcome will be optimal?


Using NetFlow for Security

Telecom Reseller

Using NetFlow for security monitoring can be an effective strategy for both uncovering bad actors and play an important role in your malware incident response steps. This post will take a look at how flow technologies help reinforce your defenses against electronic crime.

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