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Doubts Arise Over Recent NASA Hack


A recently discovered hack on NASA data that exposed username and password information of the agency’s employees is actually a copy of information that was exposed in 2013, according to NASA. “NASA officials have looked into the alleged data hack recently posted to a website where such information is shared publicly, and confirmed that the data set is, in fact, a duplicate of a 2013 post on this same website,” the NASA Office of Communications told MeriTalk.


Companies That You Trust Are Stealing From You


When we purchase something new, in most cases there is an unspoken understanding about the transaction. For example, if it is food, you can read what is in it and purchase it. If you don’t end up liking the taste, it probably won’t kill you. If we buy a car, it is assumed that it will meet all safety standards. If we purchase a widget of some sort for a specific purpose, it will do what it advertises else we will return it for a refund. When it comes to software, the rules are generally the same; however, there seems to be an emerging twist in the market: data theft.


Who really has control of your data?

The Charles Tendell Show

Companies are taking liberties with your data in all new ways. Some to provide a better service or software experience most to sell you more and other we just don’t know. Joining the conversation is Michael Patterson, CEO of Plixer to shed some light on the situation.


Hackers Ghosting the Trail

Infosec Island

If you're a professional hacker looking for the victim of your next big heist, one thing you are going to do is cover your tracks. Eliminating the evidence is a primary concern in many criminal activities. In the physical world, it is finger prints, bullet casings, blood, hair, camera footage, etc. In the virtual world of cyber crime, it largely all comes down to logs. Criminals want to find, delete or alter them and the gate keepers want to save, archive and protect them from the bad guys. After the theft has occurred, if there is going to be any tracking down of the assailant, it will come down to how well the organization has archive and protected the logs and traffic patterns.


Hitler is back! in ransomware form

The Charles Tendell Show

August 17th 2016. Hitler has risen from the grave in a new ransomware with a scorched earth policy. But what can people do? Tom Pore from joins the conversation and I might have a way where more hackers can do more good.


Microsoft is secretly stealing your data, says security expert

What Mobile

Mike Patterson, founder and CEO of security analytics firm Plixer, uncovered some interesting findings regarding the Microsoft Windows 10 operating system and how it handles our data. After disabling everything he could find that was transferring data to outside sources, he discovered that the OS was still sending some form of metadata to Microsoft every 5 minutes. Further research by Patterson concluded that the content being sent was encrypted in a way that makes it impossible to see what data was been sent to the Redmond electronics giant.


How to Mitigate Fourth-Party Security Risks

eSecurity Planet

While security threats resulting from exposure to third-party partners are serious, security pros face an even tougher challenge from fourth-party security risks.


Incomplete version of 'Hitler-ransomeware' discovered

SC Magazine

A security analyst discovered an unfinished version of a new strain of ransomware. The malware, dubbed Hitler-Ransomware – or actually “Hitler-Ransonware” – appears to be under development.


Israeli hacker breaches systems of Iranian ISP

SC Magazine

An Israeli hacker has breached the website of Iranian Internet Service Provider (ISP) Daba and is claiming to have leaked the details of 52,000 registered users.


Clinton Indicates Hackers Tied Russian Intel

SC Magazine

Amid speculation that Russia might be trying to influence the U.S. presidential election and shortly after a data analytics program used by the Clinton campaign was hacked, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton suggested that Russian intelligence was indeed behind a series of attacks and potentially in favor of her Republican rival, Donald Trump.


Multiple SIEM Dilemma – UDP Forwarding

IT Security Guru

In large enterprise environments, the security teams are often completely autonomous from the network team. They purchase separate tools to do their jobs and they keep the data separate as well. This results in an unwillingness to share resources such as access to the SIEM for running searches.


Security: The Building Block for IoT

IoT Evolution

As the proliferation of the Internet of Things explodes into a 36.95 Billion market by 2021 according to research firm MarketsandMarkets, the race is on not only to build out the IoT market, but also to solve the biggest inhibitor – security. In their haste to create new technologies for the IoT, industry vendors have sacrificed security in favor of go-to-market strategies. These strategies could also mark a stopping point as well. Vendors need to step back and build security into IoT devices from the beginning. The hard lessons are already being learned with the revelation that there is a serious vulnerability affecting over 120 D-Link products and an IoT botnet launching 400Gbps DDoS attack.


The 10 Most Vulnerable IoT Security Targets

Internet of Things Institute

From autos to video cameras, the Internet of Things is exponentially increasing the number of potential targets for cyber-criminals.


What to Do Now That Millennials Are Playing Pokemon Go Instead of Working


There's been a big shift with Pokemon Go. According to one recent report, 40% of the people who play the game are 25 or older. Another report said 78% are over 17 (or well within working age).


Pokemon GO Hit By Possible DDoS Attack

TechWeek Europe

A hacking group called PoodleCorp has claimed responsibility for the massive Pokemon Go outages over the weekend.


IHS Markit says video doorbell use is on the rise, but are they safe?

SC Magazine

Following on from a mammoth US$ 13 billion (£9.9 billion) all-share merger of IHS and Markit, the company has released new research which is reporting that the growth of video doorbells is currently vastly outpacing conventional video door phones.


Cisco FireSIGHT Reporting

Telecom Reseller

Our development team recently setout to support Cisco FireSIGHT reporting on the Cisco ASA. In the past, most of our reporting as been done by ingesting NetFlow and IPFIX. Working with FireSIGHT however required that we familiarize ourselves with something called eStreamer.


Plixer Keeps Cisco Users Ahead of Network Threats

Telecom Reseller

Leveraging NetFlow, IPFIX, sFlow, and other derivatives, Plixer offers insight into unwanted communication behaviors, giving managers insight into their network. In this podcast, Thomas Pore and Mike Patterson discuss how Plixer meets the needs of Cisco users and their experiences at Cisco Live this year. We learn the importance of contextual information. The podcast also give us a brief overview of Scrutinizer which forms the basis of Plixer incident response and behavior analysis architecture. Plixer’s approach is real time. We also learn about what has become a Plixer at Cisco Live tradition, the for-fun sword give away, that also comes complete with a short educational session.


U.S. Has Most Internet Connected Industrial Control Systems

Security Week

Over the past few years, industrial control systems (ICS) components have proven to be increasingly vulnerable and more frequently accessible from the Internet, which significantly amplifies the risk they are exposed to, Kaspersky Lab researchers warn.


ICS Components Are Increasingly Vulnerable and Web Accessible: Report

ICS Cyber Security Conference

Over the past few years, industrial control systems (ICS) components have proven to be increasingly vulnerable and more frequently accessible from the Internet, which significantly amplifies the risk they are exposed to, Kaspersky Lab researchers warn.

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