Do you already use Scrutinizer NetFlow Analyzer? Do you need training on how to use it or what it has to offer? We have various free training options available, for current users of Scrutinizer, or for those who are evaluating different Cisco NetFlow analyzers and want to see how Scrutinizer holds up to the competition.

UPDATE: Please visit the resources section of our site for up-to-date information.

To start with, our online training options include:

What We Can Do For Your Business

      ” by D.C. Douglas.

This gives you a good overview if you are reviewing different Cisco NetFlow Analyzers and want to know what Scrutinizer can offer.

Online training videos take you step by step through the Scrutinizer Web interface.

These online training videos give you more detail on how to use Scrutinizer. They are available to view at your leisure, and available to anyone in your organization.

Recorded Webinars
NetFlow Monitoring vs. Flow Analytics

The recorded webinars cover some of the current “hot” topics, and are archived for viewing at your convenience.

Weekly Live Webinars
Tuesday @2pm Eastern
Wednesday @9am Eastern

The live webinars are “on demand”. They are held at times listed, as needed, and tailored to the specific audiences need. This is the most flexible free training we offer as far as information provided. The material covered is determined by the attendees.

Another training option is available on our new community site, Systrax. There, we have an extensive listing of Webcasts with subjects including, but not limited to:

These various training options should help you get the most of Scrutinizer. If you have more specialized training requirements, or need training in a classroom environment, we also offer on-site training from our Professional Services group. For more information about on-site training, contact Plixer Sales at 207-324-8805 option 3.

We continuously update the training available and we’d love to hear from you if you have any suggestions on this subject.

We are available by telephone at 207-324-8805 option 3 for PreSales Support and option 4 for PostSales Support.

If you’re in the San Francisco Bay Area, take advantage of our $100 off the registration price for SHARKFEST, the conference for Wireshark developers and users. Plixer is sponsoring the event and will be presenting Scrutinizer v7 as well as offering Wireshark and Scrutinizer training.

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