WebNM is a management platform that allows you to monitor any resource on your network. You can monitor hosts, servers, applications, network devices, interfaces, and databases at the click of a mouse. The WebNM platform is reliable, scalable, and easy to learn. You can even integrate your existing applications with WebNM seamlessly, allowing you to customize the software as needed.

The architecture of WebNM provides close monitoring solutions to all the above-mentioned resources. The program doesn’t install robots on any of your servers, so there’s no drain on your resources. WebNM can monitor all of your network devices and servers and provide feedback in the form of reports and anomaly alerts. You can set up regularly scheduled email reports to let you know the exact status of all of your servers and other devices. Again, there’s little or no resource drain on your hardware devices, meaning you’ll get your systems monitored for very little system resource drain.

WebNM uses synthetic transaction monitoring to watch your databases and applications. There is no transaction that’s too complex for WebNM. It will monitor any use of any operating system. If you look up something in a database table, log in to an application, or transfer files from one location to another, the action will be noted by WebNM. The software also archives the events, allowing you to see your system’s response time and its chart its availability.

WebNM offers a number of other options. It can provide service level management, VoIP management, executive dashboards, server and network monitoring, and netflow analysis. All of these options can help you know exactly what your system is doing and when it does it.

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