If you missed the NetFlow training webinars Plixer offered over the last three days, then feel free to watch the recording we made of Thursday’s presentation. The webinar, which covered Cisco ASA and NBAR NetFlow reporting, was presented by Scrutinizer NetFlow & sFlow Analyzer Product Manager, Michael Patterson.

launch Cisco ASA and NBAR NetFlow Reporting webinar

As always, keep an eye out for emails from Plixer for future webinar invitations. We also try to post many of these signups on our blog. Thanks for watching!

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Kelly Kading

Kelly Kading is the Regional Manager for the Northeast US here at Plixer. Kelly strives to deliver the best customer experience possible. He enjoys building relationships with his customers and wants to find the solution to best meet their needs. When not in the office, Kelly tries to always be in the outdoors. His favorite hobbies are hiking, snowshoeing, traveling and generally just being outside!


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