Looks like WAAS Express NetFlow support is in the works at Cisco.  The Flexible NetFlow (FnF) support will be available in 15.1(3)T on the Cisco ISR-G2. Features include:

  • WAAS in and Out
  • WAAS App Name
  • WAAS Class name
  • Connection mode (TFO-only) or (TFO and LZ and DRE)
  • LZ in and out bytes
  • DRE in and out bytes
  • Pass-through reason
  • Unoptimized Packets
  • Optimized Packets

It will be interesting to see if Egress NetFlow plays a role in this as it needs to with the Riverbed NetFlow support. I noticed this note on the Cisco WAAS Express web page.

“If WAAS Express and cryptomaps are configured on the same WAN interface and Flexible NetFlow is also configured to collect the WAAS Express flow information, Flexible NetFlow only collects small packets of the WAAS Express flows and does not report flows that are marked optimized and consumed by WAAS Express.”

I’ll have to keep the above in mind when customers start calling in.  I hope it is released before our advanced NetFlow training class this summer (beyond NetFlow 101). Contact us if you are trying to work with this technology.


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