The desktop as you know it will likely change in about four years, if virtualization vendors have their way.  VMware cloud1and Citrix are working with Intel to put desktops in the cloud, which means that you could be buying desktop time from a service provider. End users could run their virtualized desktop environments on client machines in online or offline modes, while IT administrators will manage these environments from a central location, according to VMware.

At VMware’s VMworld conference in Cannes this week, the virtualization software maker said it is developing with Intel a VMware Client Virtualization Platform, a bare-metal client hypervisor for desktop and notebook PCs. It is also working with Teradici to develop a display protocol aimed at improving the user experience when running the desktop on a virtualized server.

VMware rival Citrix is also working with Intel to develop its own CVP, which, like VMware’s product, is expected to ship in the second half of 2009, reports Computerworld. The paper also cites a VMware executive as saying that virtualized desktops could appear in four years or perhaps sooner.

According to a VMware survey of its customers, the top reasons why customers are using desktop virtualization are to help boost employee productivity and to improve data accessibility. Other reasons include centralized desktop deployment, increased application and data security, and to enable employees to access their desktops from any network device. Enabling system administrators to carry out patch management and installation and repairs from the cloud is also cited by VMware as a benefit.

So where does Plixer stand on virtualization? NetFlow is supported by VMware, as we explained in this blog post VMWare – ESX Servers and NetFlow . You’ll also be interested to know that there is a FREE version of Scrutinizer that runs on Linux and you can download the virtual appliance and the VMware player from Read more about the Linux NetFlow Collector in this blog post.

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