With the release of  “The Sphere” this week,  once again we bring traffic reporting to another level. Among several new features that Scrutinizer 8.0 comes with, the Sphere is my favorite.   It provides a view of your network traffic in an interactive spherical image with the ability to selectively look at specific talkers and who they are talking to.


We take a lot of pride in our NetFlow innovations and industry firsts. Here is a list of some of the technologies we were the first to support in the NetFlow industry:

  1. Cisco ASA NetFlow exports.
  2. Filtering on any NetFlow exported field in the template (e.g. MAC Address, VlanID, Latency, URLs, etc.).
  3. Reporting across multiple NetFlow templates.
  4. Support for Bidirectional Flows as outline in RFC 5103.
  5. Innovative ways to display NetFlow. (e.g. Matrix and Sphere).
  6. Cisco NetFlow NBAR Exports with Flexible NetFlow.
  7. Ability to alarm based on any filter.
  8. IPv6 Support.
  9. Support for the most versions of NetFlow (v1, v5, v6, v7, v8 and v9)
  10. Collect interface names via NetFlow templates and not SNMP
  11. Support for Enterasys NetFlow v9 exports.
  12. Trending of Missed Flow Sequence Numbers.
  13. Detection and alarming on routers exporting with long lived NetFlows (i.e. incorrect active timeout).
  14. Network Maps with links that change color based on traffic utilization and drill in for the NetFlow report.
  15. Support for a mix of ingress/egress enabled on the same router.  This is important for Cisco WAAS.
  16. Access via web browser to view the native flows that were exported by the router via Flowview.
  17. The most archiving in the industry: up to 100K top conversations per interval. Most only archive as many as 1000.  This is critical for accurate long term historical trends.
  18. First vendor to export Microsoft Exchange Logs via IPFIX. This is useful for email reporting.
  19. Host Volume and Pair Volume reports.
  20. First to support Google Maps to display NetFlow data
EMA Radar Report Award image

“Scrutinizer is the best pure-play I’ve seen for NetFlow Reporting.” Jim Frey, Enterprise Management Associates

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Dale Locke is the Regional Manager for the southeast US at Plixer. He works with prospects to solve the unique needs of their network and visits existing customers to assist with training. He enjoys developing new partnerships and building long lasting relationships with his clients. Dale's favorite hobbies include fishing, hiking, soccer, and football.


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