We get a lot of questions on this topic. Personally, I generally deflect to some of the stuff we have posted on YouTube. Even though this webcast was recorded using Scrutinizer v6.X, I think the content is still very informative, if you have questions regarding the differences between sFlow and NetFlow collection for network traffic analysis.

Feel free to take a look at all of Plixer’s YouTube recordings.

With the help of Brad Reese, we posted an article on NetworkWorld titled “Closer look: sFlow better than NetFlow”. I think it gives some good technical insight.

Jimmy Ray PurserAs Jimmy-Ray Purser of TechWiseTV once wrote in the comments of his blog in NetworkWorld:

“After installing and messin’ round with both and using the data out of both, I like NetFlow better because:

  • It gives more config options
  • I have more full featured free collectors
  • It has very detailed exportable records that can be mined by other applications off system
  • For MPLS, it is hard to beat NetFlow
  • NetFlow seems to be evolving more and more. SFlow has had some version upgrades but no multi-config options.”

I think everyone loves Jimmy Ray Purser and Robb Boyd. Their show is fantastic. Just remember, they are a bit vendor biased toward Cisco, but then again, Cisco is pretty awesome.

Enterasys Supports Both
The folks at Enterasys have implemented NetFlow on their N series switches and sFlow on their C series. Both implementations were done in hardware! Which is better? I think you might get the most unbiased opinion from them.

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