What do I get with the enterprise version of Scrutinizer?”

I’ve been getting this question frequently, so I figured: Why not write a quick blog?

Since Flow Analytics and Scrutinizer v7 have a fantastic symbiotic relationship, lets consider seven reasons to upgrade your free version to include a licensed copy of Flow Analytics.

1. Threshold alarms for any saved reports in any possible configuration.

Would you like to set custom utilization thresholds for some of your interfaces? Would you like an alert when they are exceeded? The Flow Analytics suite of tools provides this functionality.

2. Alerts for port scans, DoS attacks, ICMP issues, P2P filesharing application detection, illegal IP addresses, excessive multicast traffic, communication with blacklisted internet hosts and more.

This is my favorite feature of all, hands down. Whether it be port scans, worms, BitTorrent or Linksys routers hashing out 192.168 addresses across your network, Flow Analytics saves hours of time by acting as a sentinel over your NetFlow Traffic Stream and giving you the detailed sources of anomolous traffic patterns.

3. Unique index for hosts causing excessive alarms. The larger the index, the more unique alarms the host has violated.

Simply put, there are mischeivous machines and evil machines. Flow Analytics will keep track and then rank the machine according to the amount of devious activities they are involved in.

4. Automated DNS resolution which speeds render times on many reports.

Instead of resolving IP addresses manually, why not go “Easy Mode”?

5. Full access to Technical Support from 8am- 5pm EST. Mon-Friday

I don’t want to brag, but we do have a really, really good Support Crew here. Our existing customer base can personally attest to the stellar support they receive.

6. Allows full data archiving beyond the 24 hour timeframe the free version of Scrutinizer provides.

This feature speaks for itself. With long term archiving, you would have access to reporting that can justify the need (or lack thereof) to make expensive network upgrades. Do you know how much HTTP you generated last week?

7. Top Conversations, Top Applications, Top Subnet to Subnet traffic and many more views all measured across dozens of flow exporting devices.
It’s cool to know the Top Talkers on one of your devices, but have you ever wanted to know which devices are generating the Top Conversations overall? These tools are really nice for an overall view of activity across all devices on your network.


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