I had a service provider customer call me asking me about billing end users for overuse of their Internet connection.  After understanding his needs, I put together a quick solution.  Maybe this could help someone else, too?

The customer explained that they needed a monthly bill for end users downloading greater than 5 Gigabytes of data.  This directly related to the class-action lawsuit against Comcast over traffic blocking and accountability. After getting a few more details like cost per byte over threshold, I was able to confirm that this Excel spreadsheet for overuse billing did what he needed.

Notice that the spreadsheet lists Destination IP address, which identifies who is downloading the data (i.e. not the source IP).  Cisco NetFlow can really force you to think sometimes with the concepts of InBound, OutBound and Source and Destination IP addresses becoming important concepts.

Billing and accounting is one of the primary reasons Cisco developed NetFlow.  Call us if you need something custom from Plixer Scrutinizer NetFlow and sFlow Analyzer.

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