Due to high demand, our favorite pre-sales support guy Jimmy D has been up to his ears in work. So I’ve been taking a few pre-sales questions and requests here and there,  just to help him out and make sure everyone is taken care of and happy.

It’s funny the contrast between a person who has been using Netflow for years and the person who is just starting to delve into it’s features.

I was working with a potential customer the other day, and the whole conversation started with a wish list:

I work for an ISP. I need an application where I can monitor the protocols going through my network. Can Netflow do that?

Maybe I’m just used to talking with people who know exactly what Netflow provides and are just used to it.

I couldn’t help but get a little excited as we installed a copy of Scrutinizer and got his two routers configured.

As Scrutinizer started to collect the trends, I could tell that he was awestruck.

Not only did he have the protocol information he wanted, but he had source and destination IPs! He had the amount of traffic that was passed using that protocol! He had utilizations, he had EVERYTHING!

He LOVED it!

That is perfect!!”
That is sooo cool!”
How did I ever live without this?”

I’ve never considered myself a salesman. I fix things, and I’m happy with that.
But it’s pretty fun to try to sell a product that sells itself.

So now that I think about it, I did nothing…heh


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