Three free and fabulous resources for Cisco NetFlow admins, Part 2

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Three free and fabulous resources for Cisco NetFlow admins, Part 2

Last week Plixer released version 7.0 of Scrutinizer NetFlow and sFlow Analyzer, which is absolutely free. We celebrated by starting a two-part blog series detailing three free and fabulous resources for Cisco NetFlow admins. Today, we talk about the third free resource, plus share with you some of the free tools that your friends at Plixer use often.

Open source tools for Cisco admins

If you like testing out open source tools, you’ll probably like COSI, the Cisco-centric open source community. You’ll social-networksfind tools such as Ciscocmd, which allows users to send a set of command to a large number of IOS target hosts and get a separate report for each; and Ciscoping, a Unix command-line utility that allows users to access the various options of ping on older versions of IOS. COSI encourages developers and customers to publish, discuss and share their open source tools, scripts and utilities for managing or operating Cisco gear.

If you missed last week’s announcement of Scrutinizer v7, here’s the deal: Scrutinizer NetFlow and sFlow Analyzer version 7.0 is absolutely free and includes several new features, interface enhancements and improved performance. You can read all about it  in the press release and view a webcast by Scrutinizer Product Manager Michael Patterson giving an overview of the new version.

You can see a list of the free network monitoring tools that Plixer uses and recommends here. Among the tools include Getif, an SNMP MIB browser; Qcheck, a utility for running response time, throughput and streaming tests; and Nmap, a network scanning utility.

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