I was talking with our newly appointed Pre-Sales Support Specialist, Scott, the other day when we realized that we don’t have a NetFlow Glossary blog, so I wanted to take this opportunity to consolidate some resources and highlight some of the key NetFlow terminology that we find ourselves talking about on a daily basis.

NetFlow Terminology:

Bidirectional Flows
Flexible NetFlow
Ingress vs. Egress
Interface 0
ip-flow timeout active 1
ip route-cache flow vs. ip flow ingress
NetFlow Collector and Analyzer
NetFlow Exporters
NetFlow Options Templates
NetFlow Probe
NetFlow Replicator
NetFlow v5 vs. v9

Scrutinizer Terminology:

3rd Party Integration
95th percentile
Application Groups
Data Roll Ups
Denika Connections
Flow Analytics
NetFlow Raps
Raw Flows
Scheduling Reports
Server Vitals
System LEDs

Worth Noting:

5 Best NetFlow Features You Never Use
Best of the best NetFlow Blogs
SNMP vs. NetFlow

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