Just the other day, Brad Reese from Network World wrote a nice blog reflecting on the recent announcement of H.P. acquiring 3Com.

With a huge announcement like this, naturally there are a lot of reactions and opinions. This kind of move may impact a lot of people and their current network strategies.

But coming from a NetFlow, sFlow and Netstream vendor perspective, I think this could be good news.

Earlier this year Cisco had announced entry into the server market, which I thought was rather interesting, since they would be directly competing with companies like H.P. and IBM.

There was a lot of talk about a possible counter-attack from H.P., since Cisco just invaded their market.

Personally, I thought they would aggressively advance development within their Procurve line to gain momentum in a Cisco dominated market.

But purchasing 3Com is quite surprising too…

I say good for them though. H.P. switches are already an affordable solution, but now that they have acquired 3Com, maybe they can adopt the usage of Netstream for flow export in the Procurve product line, as opposed to the current use of sFlow.


Netstream is not that much different than the standard NetFlow v5 and v9 templates that Cisco devices export, which means that most NetFlow analyzers should be able to process Netstream packets with ease. For more information about Netstream, check out this fantastic blog posted by Joanne.

In a perfect world though, I would love to see a Procurve switch support a NetFlow equivalent export. A switch that rivals the features of a Cisco Catalyst, but be far more affordable. More importantly, a switch that brings the best feature sets of both H.P. and 3Com.


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