Last week I blogged on Upgrading to Scrutinizer v7.2 NetFlow & sFlow Analyzer.

We have had such an overwhelming response from both existing and potential customers for this version of our network monitoring application that we are now sending the upgrade instructions to customers to allow them to upgrade at their leisure.

It has been very well received, as it now allows customers to schedule their upgrade to non-business hours if necessary. Also, for customers with secure servers without Internet access and unable to allow us to use remote access software (we use GoToMeeting), they can now perform the upgrade on their own and enjoy the new features of Scrutinizer.

For you Rip Van Winkles out there (who have slept through all of our announcements and blogs about this new release), some of the hot new features of this network traffic analyzer are:

  • Can now exclude transport layer protocol types per router, interface, or even globally across all flow exporting devices.
  • Put users in groups and set permissions per group. Users can be members of multiple groups.
  • Override reporting time interval (e.g. 1 minute time slices, 5 minute, 30 minute, etc.)
  • Customizable login environment per account.
  • Google maps have connections and change color based on utilization.
  • LDAP and active directory support for logins.
  • Applications can now be defined by a combination of ports and IP Addresses. Ports can be included in multiple defined applications.
  • Extensive flexibility for VoIP reports.
  • CSV, RSS, and XML output from any report.
  • Bidirectional reports on every option (ie. Inbound and Outbound in same report)
  • Enhanced ToS and DSCP reporting.
  • Set thresholds for alarming on any report.

To summarize, we have incorporated many of the features requested by our customers into version 7, and as a result, we are now very busy supporting the installs and upgrades of this NetFlow and sFlow analyzer. For more information or support on either installing or upgrading, please visit our support site.


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Joanne Ghidoni

Joanne is a Software Quality Assurance Engineer at Plixer. She has also held positions as Technical Support Engineer and Sales Engineer since joining Plixer in 2005. Prior to joining Plixer, Joanne has had numerous positions in the IT field, including data entry, computer operator, PC coordinator and support, mainframe programmer, and also Technical Support and web programmer at Cabletron Systems. In her spare time, Joanne enjoys traveling, always seeking out new and interesting places to visit.


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