Are you a service provider looking for a comprehensive network management solution to help you with leveraging cloud computing?  Nimsoft is well known for their proactive predictive monitoring.

They chose Scrutinizer as the NetFlow Analyzer to integrate with their complete performance and availability reporting solution. Our integration with Nimsoft’s NimBUS™ is one way the two products can be integrated together.

Scrutinizer and NimBUS integration

To integrate Scrutinizer with NimBUS™, review the Integrating Scrutinizer with NimBUS™ document or follow these steps:

  1. In NimBus, bring up the selected map in edit mode that you want to put a Scrutinizer hyperlink in.  Drag over a “URL link” from the menu on the left.
  2. Right mouse button on the link labeled below as Scrutinizer and select “Properties” from the pop up menu.
  3. Enter a General name for the link:  “Scrutinizer” will work fine.  Then click on “Set URL.”
  4. Enter the URL to the Scrutinizer web server as shown below.  Then click “OK.”

Now, clicking that icon from the NimBUS™ console will launch Scrutinizer in a web browser.

Please note that with this configuration, the web interface of Scrutinizer will prompt you for a login and password.  There are ways to pass the login and password in the URL.  For more help with integrating Scrutinizer with NimBUS™, please contact Plixer support.

If your clients are counting on you to deliver and demonstrate the highest service levels, Nimsoft can help you gain an edge with both your physical and virtualized monitoring needs.

Please contact us or Nimsoft if you have questions.

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