Are you looking for NetFlow configuration help for the Cisco 4500-E, 2960, 3560, or 3750-X series?  Well, you’ve come to the right place then!

Several months ago I blogged about configuring the Cisco 4500 Sup7e for NetFlow v9 and have since had calls asking how to configure a 4510 or 4503.  Hmmmmmm…… I had blogged about that, but hadn’t included all the models it applied to.  So if you have any of these devices:  Cisco 4503-E, 4506-E, 4507-E, or 4510R+E, you should check out my blog on Cisco 45xx-E NetFlow configuration.

Cisco 4500 chassis

Then last month, I blogged about NetFlow support for the Cisco 3750-X with the 3KX module, not realizing it also applies to the 3560-X model as well.

And then there’s the Cisco Smart Logging and Telemetry (SLT) NetFlow exports, which are supported for Cisco models 2960, 2960-S, 3560-E, 3560G, 3560-X, 3750-E, 3750G, and 3750-X with an IOS upgrade (IOS version 12.2(58)SE).

Oh yeah, and with the 3KX module, the 3560-X and 3750-X models also support Flexible NetFlow as well as Cisco TrustSec NetFlow (CTS) exports.

What are you waiting for?

Please check out all the NetFlow exports now available for these devices. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us directly, we’re always happy to discuss anything NetFlow!

Joanne Ghidoni

Joanne is a Software Quality Assurance Engineer at Plixer. She has also held positions as Technical Support Engineer and Sales Engineer since joining Plixer in 2005. Prior to joining Plixer, Joanne has had numerous positions in the IT field, including data entry, computer operator, PC coordinator and support, mainframe programmer, and also Technical Support and web programmer at Cabletron Systems. In her spare time, Joanne enjoys traveling, always seeking out new and interesting places to visit.


3 comments on “NetFlow Support: Cisco 45xx-E, 2960, 3560, 3750

  1. I just created a Cisco TAC case and they answered my question. Smart Logging and Telemetry is not supported on the 2960S platform.

  2. Hi dear

    please i have switch c3750x-TE , ios version is 12.2(55)SE5 , now i want to run netflow , is version IOS 12.2(58)SE) support flexible netflow or not ?

  3. Hello Rawa,

    Flexible NetFlow is supported on the Catalyst 3750X switch running the IP base or IP services feature set and equipped with the network services module – C3KX-SM-10G module.

    The C3KX 10GE service module requires a Cisco Catalyst 3560-X or 3750-X switch with minimum version ID (VID) 02 or minimum H/W revision 0x03. The VID is visible on the label printed on the top cover of the switch or can be retrieved using the following Cisco IOS Software CLI command: “show version | include Version ID”.

    The H/W revision can be retrieved using the following Cisco IOS Software CLI commands:

    ● For a 3560-X switch: “show version | include Hardware”
    ● For 3750-X switches, stack or standalone: “remote command all show version | include Hardware”

    In case the service module is plugged into an old hardware revision switch, Flexible NetFlow and MACsec functionalities will be disabled: the service module will operate in “pass-through” mode, essentially behaving like a 10GE Network Module.

    The minimal Cisco IOS Software release for the service module is 15.0(1)SE. Older Cisco IOS Software revisions will not recognize the service module.

    The license level required on the switch to support the service module is either IP Base or IP Services. A service module inserted into a switch running LAN Base will operate in pass-through mode.

    – Joanne

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