If you’ve done any comparison reading regarding the differences between NetFlow and sFlow, then you understand that NetFlow provides a much broader visibility into your network traffic stream, as opposed to being limited to the sample packets that sFlow provides.

Usually, when a person asks which I like better, I vote for NetFlow, simply because I’d rather see the whole story, as opposed to x% of it (based on sampling rate).

So if NetFlow is so great, why would a Cisco router support NetFlow sampling, when it can do so much more?

Depending on how much traffic you are working with, sometimes efficiency and performance are necessary priorities.

With more traffic, comes more NetFlow records; with more NetFlow records, comes higher CPU utilization and an over-encumbered NetFlow collector to try and sort through it all.

So if you are running into issues with your routers and switches sending more flows than a single collector can handle, NetFlow sampling might be an option in mitigating the amount of flow records being produced.

Do you have any remote sites that are considered low priority for network monitoring? Maybe you could enable NetFlow sampling for those devices.

Currently, Cisco offers three methods of NetFlow sampling at your disposal.

Option 1: Random Sampled NetFlow

This configuration will enable the router to take random samples from your packet stream.

Option 2: NetFlow Sampler

This configuration will enable the router to take a sample of every X packet (e.g. packet 101, 201, 301, 401).
This setup is good for devices with predictable traffic patterns.

Option 3: NetFlow input filters

With this option, you can create a class map for specific flow types that you wish to capture. How about capturing all flows that have a source or destination of port 80? Very cool, if you are only interested in specific traffic behaviors.

If this is something that has interested you, check out this Cisco guide to enabling NetFlow sampling on your router.


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