With the founders of the BitTorrent tracking website The Pirate Bay recently getting sentenced to a year in jail, as well as being ordered to pay $4.5 million in damages, it has never been more important for corporations be aware of what their networks are being used for.

We have previously discussed the importance of keeping a good Internet usage policy, but that is really just the first step in keeping a company legally secure against illicit Internet usage. Sure there’s some great material on YouTube, which can often times be very informative and very related to one’s job. However, there is very little that someone can find with BitTorrent and related sources that isn’t violating someone’s intellectual property rights. Why put the corporation at risk? Everyone can make their own choice about whether to participate in the illegal downloading of movies, music, software, etc. from the privacy of their own home. But when it’s on the company’s network, it becomes the company’s responsibility.

Using the Cisco NetFlow technology with Scrutinizer’s Flow Analytics module to monitor Internet traffic patterns can not only bring traffic that is harmful to the network to the forefront (e.g. Conficker worm, Xmas Tree scans, etc.), it can expose traffic that is harmful to a company’s wallet and image.

Have you already used Flow Analytics to catch BitTorrent traffic on your network?

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