Here at Plixer International, we take two things VERY seriously: Cisco NetFlow and coffee.

With the new releases of Plixer Scrutinizer v6.05 and Plixer Flow Analytics 2.0, we’ve all been a bit busy with our various responsibilities and what better to help us than copious amounts of coffee?

We used to drink the big old commercial buckets of Folgers Classic Roast, probably the same stuff that is your hand right now.

Mike Patterson, our Project Manager recently acquired a couple boxes full of different coffee flavors. The grounds are prepackaged into these little cups so each one makes a cup of coffee.

That is the perfect solution.

See, we drink so much coffee here that we can actually tell who made the last pot of Folgers. No lie:

– Jim makes his pots with 4, 5 or 6 well rounded scoops. This makes it SUPER strong and no amount of creamer will remove that ash taste from the roof of your mouth.

– Dale makes his with 3 leveled of scoops, which makes it mild and smooth. Jim hates Dale’s coffee.

– I generally made mine with 3 well rounded scoops, so that Jim would stop ranting about sissy coffee.

– Mitch just empties the pot and walks away, which is an office crime.

But now with the prepackaged little cups, everyone can have whatever they want.

There is Butter Toffee for those who have a sweet tooth and prefer a smoother blend. There’s also Classic Reserve, which just skips the stomach and goes straight to the blood stream. Development is digging that stuff pretty hard right now. I haven’t even tried the Hazelnut yet, so I’ll reserve judgment on that one.

So there’s our secret:

If you’ve ever wondered why our Sales and Help Desk contacts are vastly superior to any other company, then know it’s because we value you as a customer and we’ve had wayyyy too much coffee to drink…and THAT makes us very efficient.

Speaking of coffee to drink, gotta run!


Ryan Slosser

My name is Ryan. I work in development here at Plixer. I mostly deal with hardware deployment. I enjoy kayaking and fishing during the summer and skiing in the winter. People can count on me and I always give 100% unless I'm donating blood.


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