Billing based on Internet Bandwidth Consumed

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Billing based on Internet Bandwidth Consumed

Business Insider : Dan Frommer

“Let’s face it, it’s inevitable: Your all-you-can-eat Internet plan is likely going to be history. And if you watch a lot of Netflix and Hulu online, your Internet bill is probably going to go up substantially,” said Dan Frommer, a writer for Business Insider.

“Just because online video is the future, doesn’t mean it’s going to be cheap.”

I think the above quote, taken from Dan’s article, pretty much wraps up what I outlined in my blog on whether or not the Internet is overloaded. If you are monitoring cloud services, because you are paying a premium for bandwidth, you could see a performance improvement due to people watching a bit less NetFlix and Hulu due to fears of a higher monthly Internet bill.

Netflix CEO, Reed Hastings, even said as much earlier this year in a section of Netflix’s Q4 investor update:

“An independent negative issue for Netflix and other Internet video providers would be a move by wired ISPs to shift consumers to pay-per-gigabyte models instead of the current unlimited-up-to-a-large-cap approach,” he said. “We hope this doesn’t happen, and will do what we can to promote the unlimited-up-to-a large-cap model.”
– Reed Hastings

“But it’s starting. AT&T, for instance, recently announced a 150 GB monthly cap for its ISP customers, significantly below Comcast’s 250 GB cap.”
– Dan Frommer

Bandwidth Billing Solution
Billing with NetFlow is one of the best strategies for service providers to keep track of end user network behavior. Excessive use beyond a threshold could lead to a higher monthly bill for some households. NetFlow billing could be a big part of this technology’s future.

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