For most of the last year I have been working as a member of the  Technical Support Team here at Plixer International. But as of July 1st, I have moved from Technical Support to a Pre-Sales Support role on the Sales Team. In my new role I will be responsible for providing technical support for all pre-sales/evaluating customers.

I just want to say that it has been a pleasure working with the many customers that I’ve talked to over the last year. I wish you all much success in your Network Admin/IT endeavors.

If you are new to the NetFlow technology, I would welcome the opportunity to demonstrate the benefits of using NetFlow and our network analysis tool to open windows into what is going on over your network. The following information is made available via the flow packets: source IP address, destination IP address, source port number, destination port number, protocol type, type of services, and the router input interface.

Exporting flows to a NetFlow collector provides a deeper level of detail that was up to this point unavailable in network management. This type of information has proven invaluable in detecting worms, port scans, DDoS attacks, and other security threats and network misuse.

Once you download and install our NetFlow and sFlow Analysis tool, I will be your primary support contact through the set up and evaluation process. And I am here to show you how our NetFlow and sFlow Analysis Tool provides the best custom reporting engine on the market today; supporting leading edge technologies like Cisco ASA, Flexible NetFlow, IPFIX, and NBAR.

There are some very exciting things happening, relative to the evolution of using flow technology, in network analysis and monitoring. At Plixer International we pride ourselves on being a leader when it comes to turning flow exports into report data.

Give us a call – (207) 324-8805.

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Scott provides Pre Sales Technical Support to the Sales team at Plixer. Scott comes from a technical support background, having years of experience doing everything from customer account management to system programming. Some of his interests include coaching youth sports programs here in Sanford, playing drums and guitar in local jam bands, and playing in neighborhood lawn dart tournaments.


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