Remote employees are becoming more popular in almost every industry today.  And why not?  Remote sales people can prospect for customers in a geographical area that is too far from businesses.  Remote employees can dramatically lower facilities costs too.  It’s not for everyone though.  Some great employees can be easily distracted and produce less.  Others can lose the structure of a work day and start working many more hours causing burn out.  So how would you know if working from home is really a good fit for an employee?

Scrutinizer would not only tell you a lot about an employees work habits, but it can also tell you a lot about how much it costs the company in terms of bandwidth.

Remote Employee Bandwidth Consumption

We don’t have many remote employees, but we do have some.  I decided to trend myself one day while working from home.  I was surprised to see how much more bandwidth was consumed by VoIP in comparison to everything else.  I can also see how my traffic impacted the inbound pipe.  In this case the extra bandwidth consumption wasn’t too much of a big deal, but 20 more remote employees may put too much of a load on this specific interface.

I can drill in to any of the protocols listed above to see specifics on when I started working and which internal resources I was using.

I think overall the success of a remote employee really depends on the individual and whether they have the discipline to do their job, and let it go once the day is done.

In my case I wanted to see what was happening when the other person on the line said I was breaking up.  After setting up QoS on my home router and doing everything else that I could, it just comes down to me having a slower than desired upload speed.  So if I want to work from home, I better get some faster internet service.


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Stephen joined Plixer in 2011. Steve’s efforts over the years have helped many customer gain better Visibility and Network Analytics. With more than 5 years of successful technology consultation, Steve has become a thought leader, focusing on how Scrutinizer can be part of a system incorporating other solutions such as Gigamon, Statseeker, Uptime, InfoBlox and Splunk. Firm believer that most organizations will have a larger SDN implementation and greater leveraging the Cloud in the next few years. Steve resides in Scarborough, ME with his wife and two sons.


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