As indicated in this excerpt from the NetworkWorld article on Obama and IPv6, we have reached a critical stage in IPv4 internet address usage.

IPv4 uses 32-bit addresses and can support 4.3 billion devices connected directly to the Internet. IPv6, on the other hand, uses 128-bit addresses and supports a virtually unlimited number of devices — 2 to the 128th power.

About 94.5% of IPv4 address space has been allocated as of Sept. 3, 2010, according to the American Registry for Internet Numbers, which delegates blocks of IPv4 and IPv6 addresses to carriers and enterprises in North America. Experts say IPv4 addresses could run out as early as December but will certainly be gone by the end of 2011.

It’s quite clear this is an urgent issue to address.  But it also raises other issues.

As our government agencies migrate to IPv6, how does that affect their NetFlow reporting?  For that matter, have you started the implementation of IPv6 in your organization, and do you have a NetFlow reporting tool that fully supports IPV6 addressing?

Do you need help configuring NetFlow for IPv6 on your Cisco routers?

The latest release of our NetFlow Analyzer fully supports IPv6 reporting, note the IPv6 notation in the source and destination addresses in the report below:

IPv6 NetFlow reporting

Also included in this version is filtering support for 64-bit masks for IPv6 subnet:

IPv6 subnet support

Adopting new technologies such as IPv6 addressing is necessary to stay current.  Also necessary is to have Network management tools that stay current with those technologies.

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