Today we will discuss how to configure an Extreme Networks switch for IPFIX exports and what Extreme switches support IPFIX. If you’re looking for an Ethernet switch to monitor the network by exporting IPFIX, that also supports Power Over Ethernet (POE), then you’ve found the right one!

How to configure IPFIX on an Extreme switch

Similar to other NetFlow and IPFIX configurations, we need to define where to send the IPFIX flows and what interfaces to monitor.

First, let’s define where to send the IPFIX flows:

  • configure ip-fix ip-address <ipaddress> {protocol [sctp | tcp | udp]} {L4-port <portno>} {vr <vrname>}

Next, we need to define which interfaces to monitor:

  • configure ip-fix ports <port_list> [ingress | egress | ingress-and-egress]

Optionally, we can define the source IP address to use when sending flows from the switch to the collector:

  • configure ip-fix source ip-address <ipaddress> {vr <vrname>}

Here’s an example Extreme switch IPFIX configuration:

  1. configure ip-fix ip-address protocol udp
  2. configure ip-fix ports 2 ingress-and-egress
  3. configure ip-fix source ip-address

For additional Extreme IPFIX configuration options, such as monitoring IPv6 traffic and exporting MAC addresses, check out the Extreme EXOS Command Reference guide.

What Extreme Switches support IPFIX

Currently, the following Extreme switches support IPFIX exports: BlackDiamond 8900 G96Tc, G48T-xl, G48X-xl, and 10G8X-xl modules and Summit X460 and X480 switches.

As a side note, there seem to be some unconventional fields in the Extreme IPFIX export and we’re trying to work out the problems with Extreme, so if you have any troubles let us know!

Paul Dube

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