As most of you know, IP SLA and Cisco NetFlow are both free features on your Cisco routers. If you are looking to somehow get a higher level status report on both, here is an idea.  Why not put both in your maps.

Notice that there are two links between devices that refresh every few minutes. One link represents utilization from NetFlow and the other link represents the MOS (Mean Option Score) on the link which is helpful with VoIP traffic monitoring. The second link can be based on any SNMP value (errors, latency, jitter, etc.) and is done using the Denika plugin.

This feature is 100% web based to configure and view in our Application Performance Dashboard ‘MyView’ and can be a nice addition to your network traffic monitoring needs. Within the maps, you can click on the links to bring up a trend of the interface. This is especially useful when the link changes color based on utilization and you want to drill in for details.

Call us if you need help setting this up.

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Michael is one of the Co-founders and the former product manager for Scrutinizer. He enjoys many outdoor winter sports and often takes videos when he is snowmobiling, ice fishing or sledding with his kids. Cold weather and lots of snow make the best winters as far as he is concerned. Prior to starting Somix and Plixer, Mike worked in technical support at Cabletron Systems, acquired his Novell CNE and then moved to the training department for a few years. While in training he finished his Masters in Computer Information Systems from Southern New Hampshire University and then left technical training to pursue a new skill set in Professional Services. In 1998 he left the 'Tron' to start Somix which later became Plixer.


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