DECEMBER 2014 UPDATE: The functions in this post are EOL.

The question is, how do you integrate the network management application that you have been using forever and the NetFlow traffic monitoring application data that you have recently installed?  NetFlow collection, as we have all learned these last few years, provides more and more insight into not just how much network traffic you have, but what that traffic is.

So we need to be able to seamlessly move from one application to the other.  If your NetFlow traffic analyzer is Scrutinizer version 7, then the following information should be of great interest to you.

Reports can be called outside of the Scrutinizer application by creating a custom url that can be either embedded in another Network Management application, or entered directly in your internet browser.

How do we do it?

Here is the syntax required to create a report:


{servername} – Scrutinizer server name or IP Address

popID – NEW or report_id

If you have an existing report you want to call, you need the report id. To get the report ID in Scrutinizer, go to Status->Saved Reports, and then click on the Display Report Filter icon to the left of the report name.  The report id is in the banner (ID: 2020)

newFilterType – Enter filter(s) from Table 1, pipe (|) delimited.

newFilterData – Enter data associated with filter type(s) entered for newFilterType

newFilterType and newFilterData are entered in pairs, for example:


Table 1

newReportType – enter valid report_type from Table 2.

dateRange – enter valid date_range from Table 2.

Table 2

To call an existing Saved Report without any changes, you can use the following url format:


To hide the menus, add ‘&max=1’:  http://{servername}/index.html?popID={report_id}&max=1

If you do not know the exporter, you can use Scrutinizer’s search function:

If the ip address is a flow exporter, it will display an all interfaces report for that device.  If it is not an exporter, it will display the search utility, with the ip address filled in.

If you have NetFlow configured on your routers and switches, but haven’t decided on a NetFlow Traffic Analyzer yet, this may be another reason to take a look at our NetFlow and sFlow Analyzer.  If you have any questions regarding this process, or need support with the NetFlow configuration on your devices, please give us a call at 207-324-8805.


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