For Scrutinizer versions 7 and up, please use the following utility to change the MySQL root password so that it stays in synchronization with the application:

[homedir]\Scrutinizer\bin\scrut_util -reset_mysql_password

Then follow the prompts to enter your new password.

Do not use the instructions below to change the MySQL root password for Scrutinizer version 7 and up.


If you have forgotten your password, or just would like to change your MySQL password for Denika, Logalot or Scrutinizer, then here are some tips on how to reset your MySQL password.

1) Stop the MySQL service.

2) From a command prompt navigate to the SOE\mysql\bin folder. (or scrutinizer\mysql\bin)

3) Run the following command: “mysqld-nt.exe –skip-grant-tables“. This will start the mySQL server running and the command prompt will appear to hang; this is normal.

4) Open another command prompt and navigate to the same folder as step 2.

5) Run the following command: “mysql -u root mysql“. This will bring up a command line MySQL session and the prompt will change to mysql>.

6) Copy and paste the following command: “UPDATE user SET Password=PASSWORD(‘mynewpassword’) where user=’root’;”

** where mynewpassword is your new password

7) You should see the following output:
Query OK, 2 rows affected (0.05 sec)

8) Type “quit”, and you will return to a command prompt.

9) Enter “mysqladmin shutdown”. You will see the other command session return to the prompt.

10) Start the mySQL service and dependent services.

11) Write down your new password so you don’t have to go through these steps again.  🙂

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