There was once this guy that was walking along the beach in California. While walking, he noticed an oil lamp buried in the sand. After picking it up, he rubbed the side of the lamp in an effort to polish it.

In a whirl of blue smoke, a genie pops out and offers to grant him one wish.

After much thought, he asks:

“I have never been to Australia because of my fear of flying. I would like you to make a bridge that spans from California to Australia please.”

The genie is taken back.

“Do you realize how much concrete and pavement that is going to require!?!? C’mon, ask for something else.”

So the man thinks about it and says:

“I want to understand the deep complexities of women. Give me the ability to understand them.”

The genie sighs, “Do you want that bridge to have two lanes or four?”

In life, there are questions that can be quite loaded. Maybe just due to there being too many variables to consider; some questions can’t be answered with a simple response.

Customers do call me and ask me the loaded question: “How much disk space will I need for my flows?”

Answer: I have no idea.

Factors, such as the number of devices exporting flows, the amount of traffic on each device and how long you choose to hold on to your data, all have a huge impact to total potential database volume.

So if you need to know how much data will need to be saved from your NetFlow or sFlow collector, here’s a NetFlow calculator that can help give a general gauge as to how much drive space you’ll need to allocate for your NetFlow database.

NetFlow Calculator


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