MRTG is a Multi Router Traffic Grapher that monitors network traffic and provides a live images of your network traffic.

The way MRTG works, as described by Wikipedia, is “MRTG uses the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) to send requests with two object identifiers (OIDs) to a device. The device, which must be SNMP-enabled, will have a management information base (MIB) to look up the OIDs specified. After collecting the information it will send back the raw data encapsulated in an SNMP protocol. MRTG records this data in a log on the client along with previously recorded data for the device. The software then creates an HTML document from the logs, containing a list of graphs detailing traffic for the selected device.”

Plixer International has a variety or software that monitors network traffic.  Denika users MRTG report when monitoring and trending bandwidth usage.  It provides historical trends and real-time information on the status of network devices.  The most common use is bandwidth utilization.  However, it can be used to trend CPU, memory, hard drive space, sysUpTime, and any other SNMP OID; including non-SNMP variables (e.g. script monitoring for database activity). There is also a free Denika download.

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