Yesterday, my wife went to Wal-Mart to look for some mirror mounts. Naturally, she went over to the mirror section and started browsing her different options.

She told me that there were about 6 or 7 different mounting clips and bracket types to choose from, and how it was rather unusual that no matter what mount type she needed, they were all priced at $2.50. Even those little foam stickies that glue to the wall.

But why were they all priced the same?

My guess is that no matter the type of mirror mount, Wal-Mart is still making a killing in profits for each one. So if they price them all the same, they all have an equal chance to sell.

My wife is a person of principle. She didn’t like the idea of paying a price that probably didn’t factor in the true cost of manufacturing these mounts.

So instead of buying those mounts at $2.50 a piece, she went over to the hardware section and found comparable mirror mounts for 97 cents.

Wait a minute….huh?

So they are $2.50 in the mirror section and 97 cents in the hardware section?

I’m not a marketing major, but as stupid as it sounds…it makes sense.

If people need accessories for a mirror, they will naturally look where the mirrors are. Once they find the mirrors, they find all the vastly over-priced accessories and as a result, the reseller makes money. Prepare to be price-gouged boys and girls…

However, if you take a little time to dig, you can find the same product elsewhere for a much better value.

You can take what you want from this object lesson, but here is where I’m going with this blog:

If you are looking for a NetFlow tool, you will have many options to choose from. Now that I think about it, I’d hate to know how much the bigger companies spend on advertising to keep themselves visible in the “mirror section”.
But if you are as conscious with your department’s budget as my wife is with ours, then you will definitely ask yourself if the product is worth the price tag it comes with.

Now don’t get me wrong, our competitors all have solid products; so I’m not talking about the quality of the proverbial mirror mounts. However, I am questioning why they are $2.50 in the mirror section, whereas mounts of similar function are 97 cents elsewhere.

Catch my drift?

If you are still searching for that perfect NetFlow tool for your needs, feel free to check out our free version of Scrutinizer. If you enjoy the product, then I hope you’ll also enjoy the small price tag that comes with the licensed versions of Scrutinizer.

By the way: the 97 cents clips in the hardware section work great, so save yourself $1.50 and go get yourself an ice-cream.


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