So we recently had a nice webinar about some of the new functions on an upcoming update for Flow Analytics. Our webmaster, Jon Mills, thought it would be good for all those employees who weren’t able to attend to watch it, so that we knew what was being covered.

As I was watching it, I noticed that Mike had found a few flags on our own network. Upon further investigation, it became very apparent that my own laptop was running scans across our network!

Great…just great.” Not only does everyone get to laugh at Nathan and his Trojan perpetuating laptop, but now it’s forever recorded in our archives…

On the bright side though, Flow Analytics had done exactly what we wanted it to. It had found some potentially malicious activity on our own network and our customers could see it first hand.

It was strange that our Anti-Virus and Malware software didn’t seem to pick up any of those issues, even after running the updated definitions, yet Flow Analytics did.

Well thanks to the handy dandy tool Spybot, we were able to find scads of trojans and viruses on my laptop.
Here’s a beauty of a screenshot for your viewing pleasure.

Spybot finds a virus on our corporate network

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