Nagios Integration with Scrutinizer

Posted in General, Network Traffic Analysis, Network Traffic Monitor on May 4th, 2010 by James Lawrence
Nagios Integration with Scrutinizer

Nagios IT Infrastructure MonitoringToday, I’m going to talk about how to integrate Nagios with Scrutinizer. Nagios is an IT infrastructure monitoring tool that helps organizations ensure systems, applications, services and business processes are functioning properly. By integrating Scrutinizer into Nagios network administrators will have the ability to run NetFlow reports on their devices, have Scrutinizer dashlets, and view network usage maps all from one place. You can learn more about Nagios by taking a trip to their website.

Let’s take a look at the different ways we can setup the Scrutinizer and Nagios integration.

NetFlow Host Reports

In Nagios, when you’re viewing your host’s status you’ll be able to launch NetFlow reports for each of the devices you’re interested in.

NetFlow and sFlow Analysis

NetFlow Dashlets

By creating dashlets in Nagios it will allow you to view your favorite Scrutinizer gadgets such as Top Countries, Top Applications, and your network usage maps.

Nagios Scrutinizer Dashlets

NetFlow Network Usage Maps

Here is an example of our office map on the Nagios home dashboard.

NetFlow Scrutinizer Maps

If you’re interested in getting started, you will need to download our Nagios integration with Scrutinizer instructions and follow the steps provided. Scrutinizer’s easy third party integration is another reason why it is a best at NetFlow solution for network traffic analysis. Enjoy.

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