“Let us so live that when we come to die even the undertaker will be sorry.” – Mark Twain

I’ve always known that my boss was a fierce businessman. He has that drive that is essential in making a company successful, and I’ve found that admirable, since I’m not much that type of person. But my mistake was in assuming it was just with his business alone…

For the sake of protecting the innocent, *cough* I will call my boss “Jack” and our coworkers “Scott” and “Sally”.

Yesterday Jack and I ran out of the office for a brief meeting across town. As we were wrapping up our business and getting ready to pull out on to Main St., we noticed some co-workers driving by, heading back to the office. So we did what was natural…we honked and waved.

Jack pulls out and we’re heading back to the office. As we find ourselves gaining on our colleagues, Jack begins to gun it in an attempt to pass them, since they were still at a dead stop at a traffic light that just turned green. Our co-workers Scott and Sally were not oblivious to Jack’s plan. There was a chirp to Scott’s tires and the race began.

Guys, it was Lemans in downtown Sanford, MaineĀ  – I kid you not.

About 1/4 of a mile down the road from the light, which I would call the starting line, was a newly installed rotary. This rotary is already deadly, since it’s small, and nobody seems to be able to wrap their heads around how it works.

So we’re barreling down the road and I can see in Jack’s eyes that he wants to pass Scott at the rotary. I’m just really glad that Scott didn’t leave any room for him to do so. As we come out of the rotary and the lanes merge into one, Scott is ahead, with Jack in close pursuit.

At this point, I thought the race was over.

I’m such an idiot…

Our office is part of a commercial community made up of a shipping company, an architectural firm and a secular college, so we have a considerable parking lot to accommodate all of us.

In order to gain access to the building, you have to first enter from a side street. Scott was already at a stop and signaling his left turn onto this side street, but waiting for some oncoming traffic to pass. To Jack, this race was NOT over; so while stopped behind Scott, Jack decides to cut him off and beat him to that side street. Jack makes the sharp left and gets to the side street first.

There, Jack is the winner. There’s no way that Scott could pass us now.

However, that’s where I underestimated him too.

As Jack and I are coasting our way to the parking lot in victory, we are surprised to see Scott’s grey Honda Accord barreling across this open field, which was a mud pit by the way. If his car made it through that field, Scott could win.

To my dismay, Jack floors it. Realizing how close this race was going to be, Jack made the decision that he would have to ignore the median up ahead. Sure enough, we did a Dukes of Hazard jump over the median in his Sport Trac.

So here comes both vehicles like bats outta hell. Both cars beaten, one muddied and both definitely overworked for their class, come barreling into the parking lot. Both drivers presented some pretty impressive parking skills… well, more like… jackknifing into their respective park spots.

Finally, the contest ended with three grown men all running to make it to the top of the steps. I was embarrassed. But at the same time, it was really funny. To end it all, Jack sealed the win by making it to the top of the steps first and doing his Rocky dance.

Which leads me to my moral of the week: Let the Boss win.

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